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8 Reasons to Use Open Source Software

8 Reasons to Use Open Source Software
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There’s an increasing number of government bodies, corporate institutions, and nonprofits that are using open-source software such as Linux. As this trend becomes common, it’s clear that cost is not the only motivation for open source programs. There are numerous other, compelling benefits to the use of free and open source software.


One of the best advantages of open source software such as Linux is security. Bugs are fixed fast because there is a massive, supportive community of people working on the OS. This is different from proprietary software such as Microsoft and Oracle where it may take weeks or even months to address vulnerabilities.  


Open Source software has every bit of code made available to the public. That means users can change specific bits of the software to better suit their needs. You can readily change, add or delete code as desired. This is not the case with proprietary software where you are forbidden from modifying anything.


Open Source software is often better quality because it has been created and improved by thousands of developers. Proprietary software is usually created by fewer developers and thus the quality might be expected to be a bit lower.


When you use open-source software, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about breaching contracts, being limited by constraints, or paying expensive fees. In other words, you have the freedom to use the software without being limited by the vendor’s terms and conditions.


Open-source software programs are intrinsically designed to be as compatible as possible with a variety of other products. This allows you to change between systems, link to other businesses, users, or computers.


Since open source is visible to the public, one can rightfully argue that it is more auditable. Code can be reviewed and information on bugs is visible to everyone.

Excellent support

Open source software such as Linux attract a vibrant and active community of users who are ready to provide support via email, blogs, or chat. Users just need to be able to sort through the help desk, which can be done by specifying version numbers and years to find the relevant help information.  

Lower cost

Cost is a key advantage of open source software in that there are no licensing or usage fees. The only costs you have to worry about are related to implementation, configuration, setup, maintenance, documentation, and support services.