Life Insurance at The Click of a Button

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With all the advancements in technology it hasn’t just stopped at new smaller, then big cell phones and laptops with detached keyboards and touch screens. Things like door to door sales are being switched over to emails and phone calls in order to sell those products. Because of this you can now research and purchase life insurance from the comfort of your computer and without ever leaving the home.

With so many companies switching over to all electronic communication and sales post covid, it has allowed the consumer to shop and compare all from the safety of their homes. Covid was the large driver of finally bringing things like life insurance sales into the technological world of sales. Some companies had made this transition before covid and because of that they have been one step above the competition. Companies like LTC Tree have been conducting business electronically for more than 10 years before and were prepared to interact with clients in the way they needed. They can send you personalized quotes in either a binder through the mail or electronically through email and once you decide which policy suits your needs then you are able to go over and submit your application from home, on the phone with a trusted broker. This also speeds up the process in which the company you’re wishing to buy the policy through can receive your medical records since they are able to call or email your primary doctor and have your medical records faxed or emailed over the items to the insurance company.

One difficulty to everything being completely electronic is making sure you have a devoted agent or broker. You want someone who is willing to take phone calls and zoom meetings in order to answer your questions, even when they are doing it through emails they should be attentive to your needs. 

Getting long term care insurance is almost as easy as ordering food from DoorDash with the help of the internet and a good agent. You no longer have to settle for whatever company or agent is closest to your location. Brokers can now show you rates from multiple companies to compare and get the most bang for your buck. When you have the opportunity to work with an agent who is independent they can show you most if not all of the top companies selling long term care insurance so you know you have peace of mind in the company and policy type you’ve chosen.

With all of this at just a fingertip away, what is stopping you from beginning your long term care insurance journey? A great way to start your long term care insurance journey is to find websites that offer information on who needs long term care and decide if that might be you.